Sunday, March 11, 2012

I got tagged!

Eto na Keiji, sasagutan ko na ang ti-nag mo sa akin.

• How were you able to convince yourself that you will blog?
∞ I first blog kasi about my first Eye-ball with the Thomasians way way back 2006. Sa multiply pa yun. I had to do it so that other Thomasians that weren't able to come would be able to know kung ano pinag-gagagawa namin that day. :P

• Do you see the glass of water either half empty or half full?
∞ Its always full, half full of water and the other half full of air. :)

• If you are to leave from your current location and settle to a different spot in the Philippines, where would it be and why?
∞ Nah, I love Pasig City.

• What is your most hated household chore but you need to do?
∞ Boss ako dito sa bahay, I don't do any household chores. Pero dati I hate doing the dishes, ang baba kasi ng lababo.

• Are you a dog person or a cat person?
∞ Definitely a dog persons, nandidiri ako sa pusa lalo na pag basa.

• Do you believe that every conflict can be resolved just by sitting down and discussing?
∞ I guess, pero siguro sa harap ng judge and lawyers haha.

• Choose and Explain (briefly if you like ☺) You are finding the one, have found the one, have given up on finding the one or have let go of the one?
∞ I've already given up on finding the one. Kung magkakaroon, basta-basta na lang ito darating.

• How do you find office relationship?
∞ Since wala pa naman akong work, di ko alam kung paano sasagutan to. Pero I think its not healthy to have a relationship with someone on same office. Magkakaroon ng sawa factor.

• If your life story is gonna be movie, what do you think is the most suitable title (your name doesn't count as the movie title)?
∞ Eight... should I elaborate this pa ba? XD

• Using one adjective, describe yourself ☺
∞ Simple